Horticultural Products:
Tangle Root is actively working to keep agricultural products produced locally. In these economic times, we feel that money should be used within our communities, especially for items we already produce locally. The added cost of shipping, problems with the safety of the products you buy are also major concerns; not just for our town, but throughout the Country.

Garden Design:
We promote the most efficient forms of gardening. We aim to have less waste, reduce resources, and have high quality produce, rivaling anything that is imported. Our design team uses years of hands on experience with a solid background in science, including Horticultural Scientists on staff to help design and implement the best, most productive garden for your space. We are Interior garden specialists… From a small household to large commercial interioscapes.


Garden Consultation:
We provide active participation in the set-up of new gardens, phone support for all of our automated systems and designs. We can even trouble shoot, monitor, and correct problems remotely by through secured internet access.


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